Protect Your Money

Protect Your Money

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Money is a hard thing to earn. It is so difficult thing to keeping that hard earned money safe. Companies are advertising products that we do not need, yet feel compelled to buy. Banks and cash foundations are making it simpler for us to spend through cash by giving us loans and credit cards and other complex instruments with the goal that we can spend through cash that we don’t really have. Then when we cannot repay the debts, the banks or institutions practically own us. I think the only people who came out of the economic meltdown safely are those who borrowed heavily and then could not repay their debts. They could take their purchase and disappear.

With the institutions in disarray and some of them completely destroyed, who is to say anybody is going to come after them. The slate has been wiped clean for them. In a way it serves them right. They got to greedy and prayed on the desperate, not, caring for the consequences or being too near sighted to see them. So how do you guard against calamites like this? The answer to that is by investing a portion of your savings in solid things like land, gold and government bonds.

The price of land is always rising. Like Superman’s most outstanding foe, Lex Luthor says “Land is the one thing that they don’t make any a greater amount of”. With the rising population, land is becoming a scarce commodity. Purchasing land will secure away your cash a protected and substantial resource that just acknowledges in worth. Gold is similarly also an investment that appreciates in value. Gold deposits that are easy to mine are will be scarce. Until peoples find a cheap way to mine asteroids, gold will remain a rare commodity. Do’nt invest in jewelry but in solid gold in the form of coins or bars. And also buy only 24 carat gold which is the purest form of gold.

Government bonds are also a good bet because they are guaranteed by the government. Not the political body that changes very couple of years, but the institution that runs the country. These things will help you save up for retirement in a safe way. A credit union is a safer bet than a bank. I am not saying do not use a bank at all – that’s impractical. Too many transactions are conducted through banks and not having a bank account is like not having social security.
Like a bank A credit union is very much. In fact it is a bank, but is owned by its members. The guidelines for credit unions are set by the government and credit unions get special privileges under the law. The banks are not at all happy about this and are constantly lobbying against credit unions. Credit unions give loans at rates much cheaper than the banks, but you need to be a member to be able to apply for one. Credit Unions also undertake social awareness activities in the areas they are established in.

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